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Why choose UK for your MOT Training course

Why choose the UK for your MOT Training course

In the UK, DVSA had replaced MOT tester refresher training with a new model of annual training and evaluation after hearing from the MOT trade. MOT testers and MOT Testing site owners have told us in recent years that they'd want to see more frequent, modular training implemented to help them retain their testing status. As a result, starting in April 2016, DVSA replaced the old 5-year refresher course with a new annual MOT training programme. The recent yearly training will be based on the continuing professional development (CPD) approach, allowing MOT trainees to refresh their abilities in realistic 'bite-sized' pieces throughout the year. Over a calendar year, the new CPD approach will give you a chance to refresh your testing knowledge conveniently for you and your company. Instead of taking refresher training every five years, we'll require you to complete at least 3 hours of MOT-based training every year, followed by an assessment, to continue testing. In the UK, this approach will allow MOT learning to become conscious and proactive rather than passive and reactive. It's a crucial component of growing as an MOT Tester and MOT centre Manager after completing formal MOT classes.
Furthermore, the DVSA will produce an annual training course outline based on the most recent MOT test error rates, focusing on areas where the MOT trade needs to focus more. It means that all of your training will be tailored to ensure that you're learning and MOT practising skills that are most relevant to today's MOT industry. In exchange, you may be confident that your MOT training will contribute significantly to the overall safety of automobiles on our roads. It is a crucial element to professionally engage in various learning activities to improve their skills and competencies.
According to the DVSA, there are two types of MOT training in the UK
• MOT Tester and manager qualification course.
• MOT Tester annual training courses.
Also, there are different levels of formal MOT classes with an authorised training provider like
• MOT Testing Level 2 Award (classes 1 and 2 - motorcycles)
• MOT Testing Level 2 Award (classes 4 and 7 - light vehicles)
• MOT Test Centre Management Level 3 Award
Along the process, you'll be responsible for keeping track of your training and, once you've finished at least 3 hours, scheduling a final reauthorisation assessment, which you must pass to keep MOT tester status. MOT Testers must complete their MOT annual training every year between the beginning of April and the following March, as the name suggests. The CPD model gives you the freedom to mix and match your training techniques according to your own needs and requirements.

Benefits for MOT Trainees in the UK

• Active learning through structured CPD:

The Structured CPD for MOT Testers and Managers takes an interactive approach to learning that is based on active participation in annual training. Training courses, workshops, conferences, seminars and e-learning courses are crucial components to keep up to date in the MOT Testing guide and contemporary MOT errors. A career-oriented course like the MOT Management course provides an individual to understand the compliance in running an MOT Testing site and supports to operate the station according to the MOT Testing Guide.
• Developing Skills:
The MOT Annual training for MOT Testers gives an individual a bird's-eye view of their skill set, allowing them to hone their most vital skills while working on those that need improvement. Continuous upskilling, in the end, promotes confidence and enable an individual to become more proficient to keep UK roads safe.

Benefits for MOT Tetsing Site:

• Enhance company reputation:

By giving CPD to its staff, any company can improve their image and brand perception. The MOT Testing site provides CPD to their MOT Testers to encourage a healthy learning culture, which leads to a happier, more productive workforce and helps retain talented MOT Testers. It is also mandatory to complete annual training every year to stay qualified.
In a nutshell, MOT Training in the UK allows individuals to reinforce and improve their present MOT abilities while also decreasing any knowledge gaps, giving them a competitive advantage when it's needed.