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Why Choose MOT Expert for your next MOT Management Course?

Why Choose MOT Expert for your next MOT Management Course?

The MOT Test Centre Management qualification is a supervised, lifelong qualification, which implies that holders will be deemed professionally competent for the rest of their lives. The DVSA requires a competent quality management system, frequent quality control checks to a reasonable standard, and a reliable MOT administration system. MOT Expert provides the DVSA-approved Level 3 Award in MOT Test Centre Management, which was created in partnership with the DVSA to provide learners with the skills they need to run MOT Vehicle Test Centres.
At the MOT Expert, the National Occupational Standards for MOT Managers have been incorporated into the curriculum of this certification. The course covers
• Understanding of a Vehicle Testing Station's legal and regulatory needs (VTS)
• How to Achieve Customer Service Excellence
• Employee and customer health and safety
• Recordkeeping, facility upkeep, and personnel care are all responsibilities.
The course intends to develop the legislation and compliance expertise needed to manage an MOT Test Centre, encourage improvements in customer service, assist in the development and supervision of workers, and gain a better grasp of the centre's quality processes and audits. This course may be suitable for the MOT Testers, Vehicle Technicians, Test Centre Owners, Company Directors, Service Managers, Workshop Controllers, Service Advisors. The MOT Management Training certification has no official admission criteria. Students who want to start an MOT testing station or who are already an MOT Tester and want to develop their career might choose the MOT Manager Training certificate.

Course Content

During the two days duration of the course, students will learn the following
• MOT Manager or Management Responsibilities.
• MOT Testing guide
• DVSA Compliance and acts.
• MOT Testing Eqipment
• MOT or VTS facility management
• Quality Management and control
• Customer Experience excellence
• Training and documentations
• DVSA communications
• CPD practises and management
• Annual MOT paperwork
• Legal requirements.
At MOT Expert Northampton head office, instructors are well-educated, with relevant technical and industrial expertise as well as professional practice.

Why MOT Expert

We are different with the services to offer to our students
• MOT Expert is the longest established and dedicated MOT Training Centre in the UK.
• MOT Expert is accredited by the IMI and ABC Awards.
• MOT Expert delivers over 1500 qualifications every year.
• MOT Expert instructors have run multiple sites and have combined hands-on experience.
• All instructors at MOT Experts are qualified MOT Centre Managers.
• Every student will have a dedicated training consultant.
• When it comes to all things relating to MOT, MOT Specialist is the sole expert.
• MOT expert is a one-stop destination to complete all your initial training and annual assessments.
• At MOT Expert, students will get one-year post-qualification support. We believe in having long term connections with our alumni.
• MOT Expert offers a welcome pack and course materials like lecture notes, practical applications and case studies.
The MOT Centre Management course is designed for aspiring MOT Centre Managers who are in charge of MOT Stations and Vehicle Testing Stations (VTS). These credentials assist individuals in getting a complete understanding of the information and skills required to operate a VTS. Furthermore, to get the necessary qualifications to be considered for a post as an MOT Manager with the DVSA. MOT Professional, as a reputable and licenced MOT Management Course provider, will combine classroom teaching with expert advice. The MOT managers training now includes quality systems and audits, employee development and supervision, and customer service in addition to MOT regulations and compliance.
At MOT Expert Northampton head office, we provide
• Data security
• Customer service abilities
• Employee and customer health and safety.
• Safeguarding procedures such as training logs and record-keeping.
• Facility upkeep following legal requirements
• How much does it cost to open an MOT Test Centre?
• Day-to-day management of the MOT Test Centre.
MOT Experts believe that applicants should get an in-depth understanding of the DVSA prescribed course subject while also improving general leadership qualities. The total qualification time (TQT) for this course is 24 hours, comprising 16 hours of guided learning. MOT Expert's teachers are all trained MOT Test Centre Managers with years of experience working at various locations, which is a vital success element. The course is more than simply classroom instruction; it also includes a practical component. After completing the course, MOT Expert students receive one additional year of assistance.