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Ways to get your MOT Training Career back on track after a tough 2020/21

Ways to get your MOT Training Career back on track after a tough 2020/21

We have all experienced unexpected hardships in the last year and have had to adjust to a new way of life. Perhaps your bedroom has turned into an office? Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), MOT training providers in the UK are experiencing unprecedented interruptions, necessitating immediate action to guarantee that learning can continue in some form. In business and society as a whole, there has been unprecedented law change due to lockdown. Our industry's regulation, in particular, has been unlike anything we've ever seen before. While some individuals are excited to meet their friends and family members, many of us are nervous.

Post Pandemic things to consider

• Returning to our old routines will feel strange and cause us to feel scared, worried, irritated, angry, or nervous.
• It will take time to adjust, and the amount of time that each of us requires will be different.
• Don’t expect that everything will go back to just how it was before. It is unrealistically high, and it will only lead to disappointment, irritation, and perhaps wrath.
• At the MOT training centres, ignore the pressures from those who are moving at a faster speed in getting MOT Certifications.
• Avoid comparing, and if something doesn't work the first time, try to learn from your mistakes and try again.
• Organise all MOT Training logs and save them in a digital format.
There are five actions you can take to enhance your mental health and wellness, according to research. These activities may make you feel more confident and capable of getting the most out of life. During the MOT classes, mental and general wellbeing is crucial. • Stronger Connections
Connecting with MOT Tetsers will provide you with the chance to share their pleasant experiences and help you develop a sense of belonging and self-worth. Also, allow you to give emotional support while also allowing you to help students.
• Engage in physical activity
Being active is beneficial not just to your physical health and fitness, but it has also been shown to boost your mental well-being, which is crucial for MOT testers. It may also increase your self-confidence, assist you in setting and achieving tasks and objectives.
• Continuous professional development
It is a good time for you if you want to switch your career to the MOT industry. Understanding the latest MOT testing guide and upskilling will be a part of continuous professional development. MOT training centres may save thousands of billable hours later in the year by pushing your testers to finish their necessary duties.
• Upgrading MOT training centre
Take an opportunity to upgrade your MOT testing or training centre to meet the DVSA standards. Also, inspect your MOT testing bays and upgrade your MOT tools and equipment in case of replacement.
• Upskilling
It is a great time to look at your authorisations for MOT Inspections and enrol in the MOT training centres if you need a qualification in any other classes or require any hybrid vehicle testing.
In a nutshell, post-pandemic MOT training may blend the training practices both digitally and in person. To get you on the pace with the current situation mental health and general wellbeing is imperative. New MOT career aspirants, MOT testers can utilise this time for upskilling and continuous professional development. It is also essential to get a thorough knowledge of the 2021 MOT testing guide and organise your MOT training logs.