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Understanding our Online Assessment MOT Test Process in detail

As an MOT tester, you must complete and record at least three hours of training between April 1 and March 31 each year to fulfil the Annual Refresher Training requirements. The DVSA will develop an Annual Training Syllabus outlining the required elements for the assessment. New information from MOT special notices, supplementary DVSA guidelines, and MOT inspection standards and procedures for your appropriate vehicle class will all be covered in the Annual Assessment.
The annual assessment is a full day of classroom instruction with our skilled instructors in MOT Expert Northampton. They will go through every aspect of the training with you and provide you with the assistance you need to feel comfortable taking the exam. You will be given a CPD record, Training certificates, and the opportunity to take the Awarding Body test. Alternatively, at MOT Expert Northampton, we deliver an online course that may be completed on a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You may print a CPD log and get training certificates once you've finished everything. It is an entirely online course suitable for people who are confident in their ability to finish it on their own time and do not want any further assistance.
MOT Testers must complete at least three hours of training each year, for a total of 16 hours over a rolling five-year period, and pass the yearly examination. The topics of annual assessment may depend on the type of testing class they are involved like class 1 and 2 cars (Group A) or class 3, 4, 5, and 7 vehicles (Group B). In addition to the standard questions from the MOT inspection manuals, several questions may come from the MOT Testers Guide's subjects and material; So, MOT testers should be conversant with both. At our MOT training courses, we will support students and MOT testers for Group A and Group B to familiarise themselves with the following
• Duplicate and replacement documents
• Documentation for Emergencies
• Refusing to take a test documentation
• Abandoning or aborting a test documentation
• Documentation for an automobile that has a prohibition notice?
• How to document a vehicle with no existing MOT.
• What to do if your vehicle has received a Police Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme notice (VDRS).
Also specific to Group A class vehicles are
• New vehicle technology
• MOT inspection procedures
• MOT inspection manual for Motorcycle and sidecar
• Vehicle corrosion and maintenance requirements
For Group B class Vehicles
• MOT inspection manual for automobiles and passenger vehicles
• Technological improvements in this category of vehicles
• Corrosion and repair standards
After completing an assessment, the MOT tester will receive a certificate of completion every year. All training and annual assessment certificates will be displayed on the MOT tester's profile. MOT Testers must keep a training record or log on paper or in electronic format. The goal of the annual assessment is to verify that MOT testers are proficient with the appropriate standard, not to test their ability to recall every detail from the MOT inspection manual. The test will be given online and will take 45 minutes. It will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions, will have a 50% pass rate, and will be 'open book.' You can retake the test as many times as you like, but it must be passed by the end of the training year.
In our MOT Training courses, we also encourage students to know what vehicles are included in Group A? How do you determine if a vehicle is in the proper class before testing it? In our MOT Test course, students will get access to training videos that are relevant to their annual test and get access to specialised revision questions that are relevant to their annual exam. Our MOT training courses are built to ensure that all DVSA requirements are satisfied.