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Understanding more about Class 5 MOT Training

Understanding more about Class 5 MOT Training

Several MOT Testers and Vehicle Testing Stations have recently received penalty points for doing Class 5 MOT Tests when they are not certified to do so or when their Vehicle Testing Station is not permitted to test this class of vehicle. MOT Testers must complete extra training relevant to testing Class 5 vehicles, an assessment, and another DVSA Demonstration Test before you may test Class 5 vehicles. Private passenger vehicles, motor caravans, ambulances, and dual-purpose vehicles with 13 or more passenger seats are classified as class 5. Class 5 light has a Design Gross Weight of no more than 5,000kg. Only a few VTS sites provide the Class 5 MOT, which requires a specialised MOT tester. If an MOT Tester or vehicle testing station is caught doing these tests without the required qualifications or authorization, you and your vehicle testing station might face a 500-point penalty and be banned from testing.
If the MOT tester intends to test a class 5 vehicle, you'll need to take further training for testing class 5 vehicles as well as the DVSA MOT demonstration exam.

Entry Requirements:

To enrol in this course, students must complete the following requirements
• Hold a valid MOT Testing licence for Class 4 and 7 cars and be a licenced MOT Tester.
• Hold an MOT qualification certificate that may be provided for verification.
AT MOT Expert Northampton, we offer MOT Training courses and will guide you to gain your confidence and competencies in successfully performing your DVSA demonstration test. Our MOT Classes have a blended approach to acquiring all the skills required for a Class 5 MOT tester.
After finishing the course, a candidate will be qualified as an MOT tester for Class 5 cars. You must schedule and pass a DVSA MOT demonstration test before working as a class 5 MOT tester. The demonstration test is conducted by a DVSA examiner at a testing facility that tests class 5 vehicles or at the training centre where you finished the qualifying course. After successfully finishing the DVSA Demonstration test, the MOT Tester can apply to the DVSA to become an MOT tester for class 5 vehicles.
According to the MOT Testing guide, there are three categories of Class 5 vehicles
• Category 1 – all single-deck vehicles
• Category 2 – double-deck vehicles
• Category 3 – articulated vehicles

MOT Training Class 5 Content:

At the MOT Test course for Class 5 vehicles, all the students will gain the skills on
• Vehicles in the Class 5 classification.
• How to execute a Class 5 MOT in a secure and precise manner.
• How to conduct a vehicle demonstration test for a Class 5 vehicle.
At MOT classes for class 5 vehicles, all students will receive specialised instruction and practical experience in
• Premises, Test Bay and Equipment layout.
• Vehicle underside inspection
• Headlamp aim testing
• Brake testing
• Emissions Testing
• All connected equipment is required for Class 5 MOT Testing.
For Class 5 MOT training course information, call our friendly staff for experienced help.
If MOT Testers are confident in their ability to do DVSA demonstrations, they must tick the following elements
• Make sure you have all of the essential papers, such as your driver's licence and MOT tester certification.
• Practising your Class 5 MOT inspection procedure.
• Reading the instructions for MOT testing which is specific to class 5 and specific notes.
During the DVSA Demonstration test, the UK driving licence and your class 5 MOT training certificate will be examined by a DVSA assessor. The examiner will explain what you'll need to do. The examiner may request that you do a demonstration test, record the results at the testing centre, and answer a few MOT-related questions. If you pass the demonstration exam, you will be able to take MOT tests for class 5 at authorised testing sites. If you fail the demonstration test, the examiner will give you feedback and guidance on how to proceed.
As an expert in MOT testing course training, we will train our students to successfully pass their MOT tester qualification and support them to achieve their overall expertise in the domain.