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The Complete Guide to MOT Tester Annual Training

The Complete Guide to MOT Tester Annual Training

How to stay qualified as MOT Tester?

The current annual training model for MOT Testers will allow MOT Testers to update the existing skills and competencies every year in manageable ‘Bite-sized’ chunks. It also contributes to your continuous professional development (CPD). The current CPD approach helps to tailor the business needs and to meet the DVSA guidelines over the year. The MOT tester must finish at least three hours MOT based training for a calendar year and the assessment.

The MOT Annual Training and Assessment will support to contribute to overall vehicle safety on the UK roads. The MOT Training is based on the current MOT error rates and relevant to the current MOT industry. The MOT tester is responsible for maintaining the MOT annual training record to maintain authorised tester status. The MOT tester is accountable for finishing the training and assessment between April and next march.

As MOT Tester, you need to do
• Do at least 3 hours of training each year and 16 hours in five years.
• Maintaining and keeping the record of training.
• Book and take your annual reauthorisation assessment.

Every year after passing an assessment, the MOT tester will receive a certificate of completion. The MOT testing service profile will reflect all your annual assessment certifications. The critical learning practices are

• Reading and having sound knowledge in current MOT Testing guide, MOT inspection manuals and special notices.
• Sharing knowledge and demonstrating with fellow MOT testers also support your overall CPD.
• Having a mentor or experienced MOT tester is always a key asset.

What you need to study for annual training:

It is recommendable to undertake the training in groups. MOT tester annual training preparation depends on the type of vehicle classes you test, whether vehicle classes 1 & 2 (group A) or vehicle classes 3, 4, 5 & 7 (group B).

Class 1 & 2 vechicles (Group B):
• MOT tester requires to know how to issue MOT certificates, MOT failure documents and other MOT related documents.
• The disciplinary points system.
• The vehicles fall under Group A.
• MOT inspection manual for motorcycles and sidecars.
Class 3, 4, 5 & 7 (Group B):
• MOT tester requires to know how to issue MOT certificates, MOT failure documents and other MOT related documents.
• The disciplinary points system.
• The vehicles fall under Group B.
• MOT inspection manual for cars and passenger vehicles.

The MOT testers who test both Group A & Group B vehicles requires six hours of training per year in all the topics and to take two annual assessments.
The MOT Tester training record must be stored in paper or electronic format and the recommended template for the MOT training record is

MOT annual training record

Name: ___________________________ User ID: __________________________________
Vehicle group classes 1 and 2 Classes 3, 4, 5 and 7

Date Duration Topics covered How did you train? What have you learned?
60 minutes Drivers view of the road Read IM Section 8. Q&A with
colleague. Practised method of
inspection on the vehicle.
Damage can be over 10mm outside
of Zone A - always worth checking
the manual!

Continue the table as necessary.

MOT Tester annual assessment:

MOT tester can take an annual assessment at any point of the year between April & March when they finish the training. MOT testers are required to pay the assessment fee and book the session from one of the authorised providers. The annual assessment can be taken online and needed to answer 30 multiple choice questions in an hour. The pass percentage for the May 2020 and April 2021 is 80%, and you will be awarded a certificate after passing. The MOT testing account will be suspended, and the MOT tester must not carry MOT tests if you have not passed the assessment. However, you need to give the assessment test again and perform an MOT demonstration test to unsuspend your MOT account.

In a nutshell, the MOT tester must undertake 3 hours of annual training for each Group A or Group B vehicles and need to pass the assessment test every year to secure the authorised MOT tester position.