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Reasons why some MOT testers do not clear the tests

Reasons why some MOT testers do not clear the tests

MOT testers are responsible for ensuring that all vehicles in the United Kingdom are tested under DVSA standards and MOT testing guidelines at an approved MOT centre. You should have a thorough understanding of electrical and mechanical systems to succeed as an MOT tester. An MOT tester is also a professional who must pay close attention to detail and show a strong dedication. Also, the following guidelines are necessary for a successful MOT Expert career.
• Long-term learning commitment for learning. The learning process does not finish when you have your MOT Tester certificate; you must complete annual training and assessments between April and March of each year.
• Focus on the journey. A certificate will be awarded if you choose a course from a recognised institution for theory and practical MOT training in Level 2 MOT testing. However, working as a Registered MOT Expert requires MOT Demonstration with the DVSA.
• Empathetic behaviour: This is a must-have trait for any MOT Expert. On UK roads, the MOT Expert Technician is in charge of vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions. On the other hand, they contribute to the road, environmental, and passenger safety in the United Kingdom.
Due to all the reasons, MOT tester requires a variety of tasks, and individuals who wish to work as a tester in the United Kingdom must pass an exam administered by the appropriate government. Many testers, on the other hand, fail their tests due to a variety of circumstances, and they should be aware of how to overcome them. This blog will significantly assist in effectively reducing errors and providing ways to achieve goals. DVSA has identified three common mistakes made by MOT Testers
• Rear Viewing
During the test, we simply need to check for the presence and condition of the required mirrors or indirect vision equipment. Because many vehicles contain more than the required number of mirrors or gadgets, a problem may not always be considered a failure. Check to see if a missing or faulty mirror is classified as a compulsory fitting before failing a vehicle. If it isn't, it will merely serve as a suggestion.
• Supplementary Restraint Systems maps
Most MOT Testers evaluate SRS MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) lamps and assess to determine if the lamp signals a system malfunction. It can't be failed if there's no lamp or it doesn't light up because it can't identify a system failure. Warning messages may appear on dashboard displays in some vehicles and it is common to MIL lamps and should not be used as grounds for rejection.
• Daytime Running Lamps
DLRs are designed to make vehicles visible during daylight hours and are currently standard on tested vehicles. The MOT Checklist or MOT Testing guide does not address DRLs, so they are not testable items. They are exclusively installed to the car's front and turn on independently of the other lights when the engine is started. They're frequently built into the same unit as the sidelights or headlamps, so it's important not to mix up the functions. When the other lights like side or headlights are turned on, the DRLs will turn off or dim to serve as sidelights. When DRLs are close to indicator lamps, the relevant DRL may extinguish or dip when the indicator is turned on; this is by design and is not a basis for rejection.
As a Reputed MOT Training institution, we have identified a couple of errors that might obstruct MOT Testers continual development process. These difficulties can be evident during the journey to become an MOT Tester
• Ineffective time management
The MOT Testers have to complete every year CPD and poor time management practises may lead to missing deadlines. Also, during MOT Testing, the complete focus should be on inspecting vehicles to avoid any delays in the testing process and reduce the car waiting time for testing.
• Inadequate planning and training
Many MOT testers do not attend training classes and instead take the test. Furthermore, they have no idea how to properly study for the exam, which leads to even more issues. As a result, one should consider enrolling in MOT test lessons in a region that will significantly increase one's skills and talents. They will go over everything in great depth, allowing a tester to pass an exam with top grades.