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Latest Developments in MOT Testing Industry

The DVSA is responsible for monitoring MOTs and the businesses that do them to ensure they meet the appropriate standards. Currently, there are two critical advancements in the MOT industry.

In 1995, the AEDM position was introduced to the MOT Industry. Authorised Examiner Designated Manager (AEDM) is the term applied to the status of a trained individual who oversees MOT facility operations. The AEDM plays a crucial role in maintaining MOT test standards and procedures by ensuring that garages adopt the appropriate strategy and have the necessary controls in place.

DVSA is attempting to clarify the roles of the AEDM after speaking with the MOT Industry experts. DVSA also formalise the Authorised Examiner Principal (AEP) position on the MOT testing service as part of these modifications. For the first time, new AEPs will have access to MTS and be able to view information about their Authorised Examiner (AE) and Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) records. To make the duties of the AEDM post clear, modifications are being made, and this will increase the effectiveness of those who fill the position. Also, DVSA acknowledges the significance of the AEDM function in the MOT service by making these improvements. DVSA are aware of uncertainty around who oversees the AEDM position in a garage. It's possible that the MTS has trained the incorrect employee for the job or that they are unclear about the job's responsibilities. Some AEDMs don't have access to MTS, so they occasionally don't keep an eye on MOT actions or give other people their AEDM duties.

To fix this, DVSA is altering the AEDM role's eligibility requirements. Either of these can now possess

  • An AEP is a top executive in the company.
  • Since the AEDM is no longer required to be an AEP, more people will be able to fill the position.

It can be a significant change in the MOT Testing Centre management procedures. In our MOT Testing courses, students will have a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and how they relate to the MOT testing service. At MOT Expert Northampton, we will educate our students according to the MOT Testing Guide for Test stations on user roles of MOT testing service, including what they can do, what they must do, which roles are required, and the authorised examiner's duty to ensure the security of the MOT testing service

Secondly, the DVSA oversees the sector and penalises unethical and dishonest behaviour by proactively responding to public and official reports. DVSA are finding more instances where automobiles receive pass certificates despite never entering a VTS. Due to this, potentially hazardous automobiles are permitted to operate on British roads. DVSA can track vehicle movements thanks to cutting-edge technology and intelligence-based targeting, so DVSA know where vehicles are and are not. To verify the correct outcome, DVSA can then compare this to the results of the MOT test.

DVSA recorded 1324 total counts of MOT fraud in 2021–2022. The most extreme examples of negligence and dishonesty were 710, which were around half as many between 2017 and 2018. DVSA can employ the total weight of the law in these most difficult situations. DVSA prosecuted 20 cases in 2021–2022, including 24 defendants, a 900% increase from 2018–2019. Additionally, DVSA has the authority to forbid MOT testing. DVSA barred 127 Authorized Examiners from operating Vehicle Testing Stations and 288 from the MOT programme in 2021. It includes suspensions for 85 Authorized Examiners and 185 Testers in cases involving the most serious offences, such as dishonesty and gross negligence.

At MOT Expert and in our MOT Testing courses, we will ensure our students learn how to keep you and others safe from MOT Testing and avoid compromising road safety. According to the DVSA, it is a blessing that there are so many honest, reliable, and complying VTS’s that can securely give the MOT. As an MOT Training institute at Northampton, we want to make sure that all MOT Testers and AE’s/AEDM’s should comply with the current law and procedures.