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Know The CPD Requirements List

The DVSA create an annual assessment based on the most current MOT test error rates and covering subjects that the DVSA. The MOT Courses and MOT Training centres deliver training for the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for their MOT Testers. It means that all of the CPD training you receive will be tailored to ensure that you are reading about and honing the skills that are most pertinent to the MOT industry of the present. In exchange, you may be confident that your training will significantly improve the general safety of automobiles on our roads.

If you search MOT Course near me on Google, you can find the nearest MOT training centre and address all your queries related to your CPD, however MOT Expert can deliver the training online, face to face or on Zoom or Teams, to individuals or to groups so do not restrict yourself to closest centre. 

Every year between the beginning of April and the following March, every trained MOT Tester is required to do and finish their MOT yearly training.  The CPD model allows you to combine and contrast your training approaches to find the one that best meets your unique needs and requirements. Along the way, you'll also be in charge of keeping track of your training, and once you've put in at least three hours, you'll need to schedule a final annual assessment that you must pass to keep your tester status.

The modules for Group A vehicles (Classes 1, 2) and Group B vehicles (Classes 3, 4, 5, and 7) training, currently recommended for your CPD training for the 2022/2023 training year:

  • Updates to testing requirements
  • Information for MTS users, test logs and Tester Quality Information (TQI)
  • Essential components of the MOT Testers Guide
  • MOT Inspection Manual
  • Brakes, Lights, Tyres, Training Requirements
  • MOT Testing Guide
  • Inspection technique for your group

Many MOT classes may incorporate additional areas to cover in their CPD programme like

  • Data Protection 
  • MOT Test Amendments
  • Vehicle Body structure, the lighting and signalling system,
  • Wheels and tyres,
  • Suspensions and alignment
  • Brakes: radial brakes and floating disc brakes
  • The driver's field of vision and headlamp aim
  • Substitute fuel sources

Hopefully, everybody is aware of this one. Qualified MOT Testers must complete at least 3 hours of training annually and at least 16 hours over five years. It is simple because, as you know, if you have attended your annual training, you gain more than 6 hours of training and certifications. According to the DVSA's guidelines, each year may cover a new subject. After that, you must complete the Annual Assessment, which consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and requires a score of 80% for the 2022 to 2023 training year. Many people are unaware that you are not required to complete the training and the exam in one sitting, however, the exam has started it cannot be paused.

Additionally, all MOT testers must retain a five-year history of their training log. It's essential to keep track of the dates, duration, subjects covered, lessons learned, and vehicle groupings for your training. You receive a recording sheet with all the requirements if you purchase training from MOT classes; all you need to do is fill it out with your information.

At MOT Expert we have all the latest VTS testing equipment provided by Snap On and cutting-edge MOT technology including bespoke MOT software for the MTS provided by VTS-Pro. In addition to formal CPD training, the DVSA also demands that MOT Testers have updated their knowledge of new technological features on the MOT tools and vehicles they are likely to test. Recently, it has been observed that when DVSA Vehicle Examiners visit your site, they ask for a CPD log as proof that you are regularly updating yourself with Special Notices, DVSA updates, email newsletters, and new equipment training. It is in addition to asking for validation of your annual training. Since you have to maintain your training logs to simply record how much time you spent practicing with it and how you discovered how to use it securely, it is essential to know about the latest equipment in the MOT Industry.