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Know More about the MOT Test Centre Management Course

Know More about the MOT Test Centre Management Course

Learners who want to operate an MOT Vehicle Testing Station or who will have direct responsibility for MOT operations at a VTS in the future should pursue a Level 3 MOT test Centre Management Course. The Level 3 Award in MOT Test Centre Management is a lifetime accomplishment and the students who complete this level 3 will be professionally competent for the rest of the MOT career. However, you need to comply with DVSA legal requirements and responsible for all operations in the MOT centre.


There are no prerequisites for pursuing the Level 3 Award in the MOT Test Centre Management course. It is, however, advised that you have some industry expertise and experience.

MOT Centre Manager responsibilities:

Managing and Operating a Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) is a responsible career that sets itself apart from others. The MOT Centre Manager or Authorised Examiner (AE) is responsible for following the 15 essential elements to manage the MOT Centre proposed by the DVSA. They have had to come up with a policy on MOT checking standards issues. MOT site administrators are in charge of keeping track of MOT test logs, quality information sheets for MOT evaluations, and a list of MOT test failure rates. The MOT site manager is in charge of the new MOT testers competencies, training, and continuous professional development.
If you think do you have the proper experience and do you expect to meet all the MOT Centre Management responsibilities, you are ready to enrol the Level 3 Award in the MOT Test Centre Management course.


This two-day course prepares students to run MOT Vehicle Test Centres by providing them with the required expertise and skills.

What you will learn:

• Knowledge of the legal and compliance requirements of a Vehicle Testing Station (VTS)
• To develop knowledge of how to achieve customer service excellence and handle customer service issues in a testing centre.
• To develop competencies of Health & safety measures within the test centre.
• To understand how to train and manage employees in the MOT Testing Centre.
• To master quality processes and quality audits in test centres which are complied with the DVSA standards.
Furthermore, students will also develop concurrent knowledge in the MOT testing guide, testing equipment, MOT documentation, and many more. You'll still need to complete an annual refresher to stay updated with the new trends for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Course Structure:

A minimum of 16 hours of studying is needed to complete the course. Each applicant receives a dedicated training consultant, a welcome pack to get started with, comprehensive course materials like lecture notes, practical applications and case studies. The students must pass a final multiple-choice test on an online paper to complete the course and the passing percentage is 80% or higher. At the MOT Expert, we also support students online support in assessment materials and sample papers.

After course completion:

An applicant will obtain a diploma from the awarding body after completing the course. After receiving this certification, an applicant may apply to the DVSA to become an authorised examiner (AE).
To successfully manage an MOT test centre, you'll need an authorised MOT business manager or authorised examiner and an MOT tester. The AE status does not follow a business. If you are purchasing an existing MOT station, you must apply for AE status separately. After the course completion, you need to submit form VT01 to the DVSA and use the same form; if you already have AE status and want to open a test station.
To conclude, the Level 3 MOT Test Centre Management Course is suitable for aspirants who preferably have MOT testing experience. There are no eligibility criteria for taking up this course. It is a 2-day blended training course to learn the MOT testing guide, legal requirements for VTS, health and safety in the test centre and quality audits in the MOT testing centre.