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Know more about the Class 5 MOT Training

Know more about Class 5 MOT Training

Class 5 MOT testing is for private motor vehicles with 13 or more seats, playbuses, and ambulances. The Class 5 MOT is only available at a few of our locations and needs a specialised MOT tester. If MOT Tester or vehicle testing station are discovered doing these tests without the necessary qualifications or authorisation, you and your vehicle testing station might earn 500 penalty points and be barred from testing. It is essential to know about class 5 vehicles and MOT testing qualifications or requirements for class 5.
Private passenger cars, motor caravans, ambulances, and dual-purpose vehicles with 13 or more passenger seats are classified as Class 5. Class 5L vehicle is a subset of class 5 with a maximum gross weight limit of 5,000kg (DGW). A Class 7 station qualified to test Class 5 Light private passenger cars may test Class 5L vehicles.

Pre-requisites for Class 5 MOT Training:

MOT testers who are willing to get the qualifications of Class 5 MOT testing need to demonstrate that you've already done the following
• Obtaining a level 2 testing certificate for vehicles in classes 4 and 7 (group B)
• After receiving your level 2 certificate, you passed an MOT demonstration test.
MOT Expert Normapton Three hours in the classroom, practical training, and a multiple-choice test comprise an entire day of training. To get expert advice, contact our friendly team for Class 5 MOT training information.

The Structure of the Class 5 MOT Training:

During the training day, the following topics will be discussed
• Vehicles in the Class 5 category.
• How to conduct a Class 5 MOT test in a safe and accurate approach.
• How to accomplish a Class 5 vehicle demonstration test.
A candidate will be qualified as an MOT tester for Class 5 vehicles after completing the course. After receiving this certification, a candidate can apply to the DVSA to be approved as an MOT tester for this vehicle class. Before working as a class 3 or 5 MOT tester, you must first schedule and pass a DVSA MOT demonstration test. A DVSA examiner conducts the demonstration test at either the training centre where you completed the qualifying course or a testing facility that tests class 3 and 5 vehicles.

Preparation for Class 5 DVSA MOT Demonstration:

As an MOT testing training centre, we recommend the following practices to attempt the DVSA MOT Demonstration test successfully
• MOT testing instructions and special notices should be read.
• Ensure you have all of the required papers, such as your driver's licence, by rehearsing your inspection process.
• Familiarizing yourself with your inspection procedure.
MOT testers who are attempting demonstration tests need your MOT testing service user ID and the number of the vehicle test station (VTS) where you want your test performed.

What happens on Class 5 MOT Demonstration Test:

A DVSA examiner will review your UK driving licence (if you do not have a photocard licence, you must also provide a photo ID, such as your passport) and your class 5 MOT training certificate. What you'll have to complete will be explained by the examiner. The examiner may ask you to do a demonstration test, record the result at the test centre and a few MOT-related questions.
If you pass the demonstration test, you'll be allowed to take MOT tests for classes 3 and 5 at testing stations that are authorised to do so. If you fail the demonstration test, the examiner will provide you with comments and instructions on what you should do next.