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Know More about Motorcycle Class 1 & 2 Training

Do you want to become a Motorbike MOT Tester?

The MOT Motorcycle Testing Class 1 and 2 Award is developed DVSA to provide you with the information and abilities needed to complete the MOT Test Routine on motorcycles. The level 2 award in MOT testing certification is for anyone who wants to or needs to work as MOT testers. This course is primarily designed for those who wish to advance their careers by becoming MOT Testers. After completing this certification, they may apply to sit the DVSA final observed exam to get their Certificate of Competence (CoC), allowing them to work as a Nominated Tester.

Eligibility requirements:

To be able to complete this course and become an MOT Tester, a student must meet the following requirements

• The student should possess a valid and current UK driving licence for the vehicle classes they wish to test (Class 1 & 2).
• The student must be a trained technician with at least four years of full-time experience servicing and repairing the car types being tested.
• Apprentices with four years of experience are eligible.
• Aspirants have no pending criminal convictions for crimes concerning the MOT testing programme, the motor trade, or acts of assault or intimidation.
• The student must have a good reputation.
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Course Structure:

The National Occupational Standards for MOT Testers have been incorporated into the curriculum of this certificate. The qualification's content comprises the following:

• How to work in an MOT testing facility safely
• How to interact with coworkers and customers
• How to keep track of and manage their CPD
• Performing pre-test MOT inspections and doing an MOT test
The following modules are covered in this course
• Support Legislation and Regulations required to perform MOT testing.
• MOT testing (class 1 & 2) job-specific tools.
• Refusing to Begin an MOT Test for a Variety of Reasons
• Using a Manual
• MOT testing (class 1 & 2) procedures and standards
• MOT testing (class 1 & 2) Documentation
• Training and Utilization of a VTS Device
• MOT testing (class 1 & 2) Inspection Routine
• MOT testing (class 1 & 2) Calculations and Brake Testing

The MOT testing (class 1 & 2) certifications are 29 guided learning hours, including a minimum of 8 hours of practical experience. The content of this course is designed to meet the needs of all potential Nominated Testers and based on the National Occupational Standards.

Course Assessment

In the MOT testing (class 1 & 2) course, students have to pass external and internal assessments. Externally assessed examinations offered via the IMI online testing platform in the form of online exams. This examination will consist of 40 questions that must be solved in 75 minutes and will cover the entirety of each course module. Students also need to pass the internal practical assessments conducted by the authorised training provider. You will be a qualified tester once you have completed the final part of your MOT Tester Training, the VT8 practical observation.
Before taking the assessments, it's a good idea to brush up on current MOT testing guides and feel comfortable using various testing equipment for different motorbikes. After completing the Award in MOT Testing Class 1 & 2 course at MOT Training Centre, you will be able to work in a vehicle test centre safely and competently, manage relationships, understand health and safety requirements,understand professional development, and gain knowledge of how to perform pre-test checks and MOT Motorcycle tests.
To summarise, to be eligible for an MOT tester, you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria and opt for a reputed MOT training centre to finish the MOT tester course (Class 1 & 2). In the MOT training centre, you will need to develop your skills according to the MOT testing guidelines and manuals. Students must pass both external and internal examinations in the MOT testing (class 1 & 2) course. After successful completion of the Motorbike MOT tester course, you will gain qualified MOT tester recognition for motorbikes and can perform MOT tests at an authorised vehicle testing station.