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How to maintain an MOT Training log efficiently

How to Maintain an MOT Training Log Efficiently

For a calendar year, the MOT tester must complete at least three hours of MOT-based training and the assessment. If you lose your MOT tester status, you won't be able to complete your annual training and assessment on time. You'll need to take an MOT test every six months to maintain your current status. If your MOT tester status has lapsed, you'll need to follow the process to return to MOT testing. The MOT tester is responsible for keeping the MOT annual training record for retaining the status. Between April and March of every year, the MOT tester is responsible for completing the training and evaluation. To avoid penalties, it is necessary to develop the habit of accurately recording and storing training logs.
The MOT Annual Training and Assessment plan will help to improve vehicle safety on UK roads. MOT Training is based on current MOT error rates and is relevant to the current MOT industry. As an MOT Tester, you must complete at least 3 hours of training each year and 16 hours in five years, preserve and maintain a training log or record, and schedule an annual training and assessment session. After completing an assessment, the MOT tester will receive a certificate of completion every year. All of your annual assessment certificates will be included in your MOT testing service profile. You won't have to do anything manually. It is a perfect method to ensure that you don't miss the deadline for uploading your results. When you finish your assessment, be sure you provide your date of birth and your MOT testing service user ID. If you don't fill out these fields, DVSA won't verify your identity, and your results won't be immediately uploaded. The MOT Tester training record must be kept in either paper or electronic format, with the DVSA, suggested template

Things to consider

A training log must be kept to pass the yearly training and evaluation. One of the most excellent methods to ensure that you don't forget to do your annual assessment is to keep a record and a reminder of it. You have the option of keeping your training log on paper or online. Utilise the technology and mobile phones to set a reminder on the calendar or use the Microsoft To DO list application on your computer to set a reminder. Training Log must have the following elements
• MOT's yearly training period (for example, April 2018 to March 2019)
• The training date.
• Duration of the training session.
• What topics you covered throughout the session.
• Training Notes on what you did? How you did it? What did you learn in the session?
• Vehicle groups the training covered.
• Your name and MOT testing User ID.
The MOT Tester training record must be kept in either paper or electronic format, with the DVSA, suggested template

Record your results of every annual assessment and you’ll require
• The number on your certificate of completion.
• The date it was awarded.
• The score you have achieved.
To maintain the approved MOT tester position, the MOT tester must complete 3 hours of yearly training for each Group A or Group B vehicle and pass the annual assessment exam. It is crucial to maintain and store the training log for every year MOT training and MOT Tester Testing. To enhance the redundancy and secure your information according to the Data Protect Act, you can use the technology to save all your training logs. All most VTS centres have a secure IT system to support and manage their MOT training records. It is the MOT tester responsibility to record the data promptly to avoid redundancy.