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How to become an MOT tester in the United Kingdom?

How to become an MOT tester in the United Kingdom?

MOT tester is a responsible job to ensure that all automobiles in the UK are tested according to the DVSA standards and MOT testing guide at an approved MOT centre. To secure in an MOT tester career, you should have strong knowledge in electrical and mechanical systems. Also, an MOT tester is a professional who has to pay attention to detail and dedicated commitment.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for MOT Testing course you must have the following
• Have a current and full UK driving licence for the vehicles classes you want to test.
• Have four-year full-time employment in servicing and repairing of the vehicles you want to test.
• You shouldn’t have any unspent convictions.
• You should be in a good reputation: DVSA will determine this to qualify as an MOT Tester.

Other qualifications:

MOT tester aspirants can also be eligible if they have Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) in
• Light Vehicle Diagnostic Technician.
• Light Vehicle Inspection Technician.

The following qualifications also fulfil the prerequisites of MOT training course
• Ordinary National Certificate (OEC) in motor vehicle engineering vehicles.
• Scottish vocational educational council national certificate in vehicle mechanics and systems.
• National craft certification with a specialisation in vehicle maintenance and electronic systems.
• Level 3 National Diploma in vehicle maintenance and repair in either light vehicles or heavy vehicles.
You will also meet the MOT testing course eligibility if you have NVQ levels in • Vehicle mechanical and electronic systems.
• Maintenance & repairs of light or heavy vehicles. • Light or Heavy vehicle technician.
However, to become an MOT tester, you must have an MOT tester qualification course and MOT demonstration test. You can find an MOT training centre on gov. uk. The MOT tester course will cover theoretical and practical training of 29 hours at the MOT training centre will cover
• Safe working practices in the vehicle test centre.
• Working relationships within the MOT test centre.
• Managing MOT tester professional development.
• Pre-test inspections for MOT tests.
• Performing an MOT test.
The MOT tester course incorporates multiple-choice questions and, practical assessments; they should pass both to complete an MOT training course. Finally, you have to pass the MOT demonstration test recognised by the DVSA to become a qualified MOT tester. It is advised to gain knowledge in updated MOT testing manuals, inspecting the vehicles at MOT training centre, confident on using various testing equipment for different vehicles before MOT demonstration test. As an MOT tester; you’re responsible for completing your annual training and assessment and safeguarding the evidence of training.

On the other hand, MOT Tester is a demanding and responsible career to kickstart in the MOT industry. Four years of experience in vehicle maintenance and repair is an added advantage to switch your career into the MOT tester.

To summarise, to be eligible for an MOT tester, you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria and opt a reputed MOT training centre to finish the MOT tester qualification course. In the MOT training centre, you will need to develop your skills according to the MOT testing guidelines and manuals. Next, when you are confident and competent to face the MOT demonstration test with DVSA, you can book the test. After successful completion of the MOT tester qualification course and passing the MOT demonstration course you will gain a qualified MOT tester recognition and can perform MOT tests at authorised vehicle testing station. Finally, you need to complete the MOT assessment annually as a part of continual professional development.