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Helping Customers to track their due MOT test

Helping Customers to track their due MOT Test

Automobiles over three years old are required by law to pass an annual MOT test to demonstrate roadworthiness. Contact your nearest MOT Centre to protect yourself from fines and keep your vehicle on the road. As an authorised MOT Training provider at Northampton, promoting vehicle safety to the customers is our business DNA. There are no restrictions, only a simple and straightforward way to check your MOT due date online, as well as whether or not the vehicle has a current MOT certificate and when it will expire. Every automobile, therefore, has an MOT due date. Aside from having a new vehicle, which will have its first UK MOT date three years after it was initially registered, you can use an MOT certificate check to find out when your car's MOT is due. You should have received an MOT certificate at your previous MOT, but if you can't find it, don't worry: you can check the expiry date for free on gov.UK. It is essential to enhance the communication of MOT checking related information to customers by the MOT Testing Centre and MOT Testers.
Additionally, search your previous MOT test certificate. It should be possible to see when it expires. You can schedule an MOT at any time before this, and the vehicle registered keeper must organise it at least one month before the MOT due date. It is crucial to know your MOT due date because
• It's a legal necessity – Every driver is required to acquire an MOT to ensure the safety of other road users, passengers, pedestrians, and road infrastructure. If your car is more than three years old, it is illegal to drive without one.
• To detect problems — Many people choose a pre-MOT due date service or self-inspection of their vehicles. Knowing when your MOT is due allows you to complete all necessary checks and be confident that you will pass without receiving any MOT failure codes, potentially saving money.
• Avoiding penalty - You might be fined up to £1,000 if you are caught driving your car without an MOT. Automatic recognition systems allow police to examine vehicle number plates, so a quick drive in a vehicle that has passed its MOT due date can quickly transform into a court summons.
• Illegal to drive - If your car's MOT has expired, the law permits only to go to the MOT testing Centre with an appointment booking reference. Your journey will also be illegal if the police stop you without an appointment letter to show them.
It will benefit the clients if MOT testing centre staff and MOT testers communicate clearly with their customers. Nowadays, many businesses benefit from digital marketing platforms to create brand awareness and services offered by them. MOT testing centres can use these platforms to communicate the importance of MOT related information on their digital media. However, it is also mandatory to safeguard the data protection of the MOT testing vehicles.
With the return of school, some people may find that they need to use their vehicles more frequently. As a result, the DVSA created a campaign to encourage vehicles users to double-check their vehicle's safety before driving. DVSA recommends four basic things
• Service or health check if needed
• Air in tyres
• Fill up screenwash
• Examine lights and tyre tread
DVSA will be highlighting the importance of obtaining a service or health check at a local garage as part of the campaign. MOT Testing stations can utilise this campaign to get their previous checked MOT vehicles to gain trust from the customers. A sophisticated IT system might help communicate the MOT due reminders to the customers using emails or texts or cold calling. As an MOT Training provider based in Northampton, we emphasise customer relationship management to our students in the MOT Test course.