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Effective ways of running an MOT Test Station

Effective ways of running an MOT Test Station

An MOT Testing Station is unlike any other type of business. The DVSA established the standards for MOT Testing. MOT Testers and Authorised Examiners (AE’s) are subject to DVSA regulation and can be 'dismissed' if they break the rules. It is critical to ensure that MOT testers perform each test to the greatest possible standard. And to do so, MOT managers must have access to sound advice on how to run MOT centres efficiently. The DVSA has published a list of 15 essential items to consider when managing your MOT centre. Authorised examiners (AEs), designated managers, and site managers should read it. DVSA understand that running an MOT centre may be done in various ways, and those approaches will vary depending on your specific circumstances. As an MOT Centre Manager, you may employ methods other than those described in the DVSA guidelines and if they're practical and valuable to you, that's great. DVSA goal is to make sure you've thought about these issues and have adequate safeguards in place.
The DVSA 15 guidelines are categorised into six themes
1. Putting Management Systems in place.
• Establish systems that are straightforward, clear, and effective
• Keep your company's information updated.
• Abide by data privacy laws
• Site managers should be hired
2. Checking and Managing MOT Test Standards.
• have clear MOT test policies in place
• MOT tests Quality information can be used.
• Examine a sample of MOT tests.
3. Managing MOT Testers.
• Verify that new employees are qualified to be testers and match with the DVSA requirements.
• Ascertain that testers complete their training and exams.
• Perform security checks periodically.
4. Monitoring and Maintaining MOT Test Centre premises and equipment.
• Keep track of your equipment's details.
• Maintain a safe, clean, and compliant environment in your facility.
• request to alter your site and equipment
5. Understand MOT Centre risk rating.
• keep an eye on your risk rating
• Fix any issues discovered during DVSA site inspections.

MOT Test Centre Manager core responsibilities

• All MOT testers and other employed staff members should follow DVSA guidelines under the applicable standards and procedures. AEs must also ensure that any employed MOT testers are appropriately assessed and that their MOT training and MOT Annual Training are performed.
• The MOT testing equipment, facilities, and premises are all inspected for conformity, are in good working order, and are well-maintained.
• MOT documents weren't accessible to unauthorised individuals. All MOT certificates should be kept in a safe location, and only authorised people should have access to electronic MOT test equipment.
• The DVSA has appropriate access to the premises to inspect the personnel, equipment, and facilities. You must also notify the DVSA of any substantial changes to the business as an authorised examiner within seven working days of when the changes take place.
Also, MOT Test Centre should know how to interpret the MOT test quality information of their MOT testers. MOT Test quality data is information regarding the MOT tests completed in specific MOT Testers. Use it as a starting point for keeping track of MOT testing standards. The MOT testing service provides an MOT Testing centre with two types of information.
• Information on MOT test quality - an overview of failure rates.
• MOT test logs – to keep track of all the MOTs you've done.
MOT Tester may have a higher or lower failure rate than the MOT Testing site or national average. It does not necessarily imply that your testing standard is flawed. It supports the MOT Test Centre manager to assess the current competencies of the MOT Testers and provide MOT Training or to help in MOT Annual Training if required. Evaluate the data regularly for any odd differences and keep track of the results. If your test failure rates are higher, MOT Test Centre's manager can take action by ensuring that MOT Test Centre follows the appropriate standards by reviewing the MOT inspection manual and communicating with other testers or the person in charge of quality control at your testing facility.