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Choosing the right MOT training course

A practical guide to consider when choosing an MOT Course

In this digital environment, many MOT Training providers offer a deluge of professional courses, both virtually and face to face training. Choosing the best MOT training provider is an exceptionally daunting process. Key points to consider are

1. Do some self-reflection on MOT careers like MOT tester and MOT manager: It is essential to know your interests, long term goals, are you fit for MOT industry, do I have any predisposing skills for a career change or a career progression. Our guide will support to identifying whether you can choose an MOT career.

2. Understand different levels of the MOT courses:
• Level 2 Award in MOT Testing (classes 1 & 2 – Motorcycles).
• Level 2 Award in MOT Testing (classes 4 & 7 – light vehicles).
• Level 3 Award in Light Vehicles Inspection technician.
• Level 3 Award in MOT Test centre management.
• MOT tester annual refresher training (CPD).

Furthermore, level 2 & 3 Awards as a hybrid technician is available for hybrid electric vehicles. You must take an MOT tester qualification course before becoming an MOT tester and an MOT manager qualification course before becoming an MOT Manager.

3. Find out essential facts about MOT Training courses:
• In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is essential to find whether course providers are offering any virtual classes or face to face classes.
• What are the MOT course payment options, cancellations and withdrawal policies?
• What resources or tools do the student need that is not included in the course curriculum?

4. Find out essential facts about the training provider:
• Know about the pass percentage of the previous students from the MOT training provider.
• Does the training centres are offering a full range of MOT courses include Hybrid vehicles training? Some of the training centres provide only MOT Tester courses.
• Does MOT training provider offer any assistance in MOT annual refresher paperwork filling?
• Will MOT training provider support any uploading of records in MOT Tester profile?

5. Finding an Accredited MOT training Centre:
In this digital environment, it is essential to find an authorised MOT training centre with the reliable source on gov.uk.

Most of the MOT Training providers will offer an online assessment to assess the length and duration of the training as an MOT Tester. However, it is mandatory to pass your annual refresher MOT Tester training every year, usually between April and May. It is crucial to choose a professional MOT training centre to support MOT tester in Continual Professional Development. As an MOT tester, it is essential to keep a record of all MOT training.

In a nutshell, choosing a professional MOT training centre is a life-changing move which requires detailed research of the MOT levels, course content, and credibility of the training centre. Aspirants also need to consider the future like Hybrid Vehicles MOT training and MOT career progressions like MOT Testing Manager courses, before choosing a training provider. Finally, do not forget about the MOT tester annual assessments support before opting the training centre.